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Texas REALTORS® support property tax reforms in Senate Bill 669
The Texas Association of REALTORS® has announced its strong support for the property tax reforms provided in Senate Bill 669 by Chairman Jane Nelson, as amended by the Texas House.
House proposal aims to limit increases in Texas property tax bills
Texas House Ways and Means Chairman Dennis Bonnen filed the Texas House's property tax reform bill, a measure he said will help Texans keep local governments accountable in setting property tax rates.
Analysis: Lawmakers can turn to a bag of tricks to balance state budget
With an official forecast that less money will be available, the next state budget is tight. The finance folks are looking for money to make it balance, but don't fret: They've got plenty of tax-avoiding, budget-balancing tricks in their bags.
Are Your Property Taxes Too High? Thank a Legislator.
School finance formulas have allowed the state to reduce its share of the total cost of funding public education and shift that burden to local property taxpayers.
Fiscal shell games (login required)
State lawmakers need to stop sneaky budget practices and play fair with public schools.
Texas Legislature may give homeowners major property tax relief
State lawmakers can take action to help ease increasing property taxes for Texans.
How Texas REALTORS® are educating property owners about the hidden property tax
Rising appraisals shouldn't be blamed for increasing property taxes.
Solutions to Texas’s property tax problem have pros and cons
The search for a solution to spiraling property taxes must weigh tradeoffs.
Analysis: Why rising property values don’t lower school taxes
The Texas Legislature plays a role in the reason why rising property values in Texas haven't lowered school property tax rates.
Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform & Relief video recap
The Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform & Relief traveled across the state to hear from Texas property owners concerned about increasing property taxes. Watch a video recap of what they heard.
Watch a recap from the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform & Relief
A video summary of what the committee heard from property owners while traveling around Texas.
What Texas senators heard from property owners across the state about their rising property taxes
A committee of Texas senators traveled the state to hear what Texas property owners think about their property taxes. Here's what they learned.
Is it true that Texans pay some of the highest property taxes in the U.S.?
Fact-checking Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's claim that "Texans pay the sixth-highest property taxes in the nation."
Homestead Exemptions
This infographic explains who can benefit from state-mandated school homestead exemptions and how they save Texas homeowners money.
How to calculate your property tax bill
This infographic breaks down your property tax bill, which is based on how many taxing entities are in your area.
Watch Streaming Video [External Link]
Watch the live stream from the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief or view previously recorded sessions at any time.
Texas homeowners complain about being taxed to the max
"Homeowners throughout the state are complaining about the property tax bills from their cities and county governments."
What is the hidden property tax?
This video explains how property tax rates are calculated in Texas and why those taxes can go up even through the tax rate is lower.
Who Pays the Highest Property Taxes?
“While higher median tax rates are seen primarily among states in the northeast, a notable exception is Texas."
TAD official apologizes for property tax software problems
The chief appraiser of the Tarrant Appraisal District apologized to a panel of state lawmakers after a grilling over the problems with software.
Look for this special delivery in your mailbox soon
It is very important for you as a property owner to pay close attention to the property-tax process...
Annual Property Tax Process
This infographic provides information on important dates—like when local taxing units adopt their budgets and set tax rates—so you can participate in the process.

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Find detailed appraisal and tax assessment information on your property.

Get answers to common questions about the property tax system.

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