What is the hidden property tax?

This video explains how property tax rates are calculated in Texas and why those taxes can go up even though local property tax rates may be lowered.

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Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform & Relief video recap

Watch the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform & Relief’s video recap of what they heard from property owners concerned about increasing property taxes.

Homestead Exemptions

This infographic explains who can benefit from state-mandated school homestead exemptions and how they save Texas homeowners money.

How to calculate your property tax bill

This infographic breaks down your property tax bill, which is based on how many taxing entities are in your area.

Watch Streaming Video [External Link]

Watch the live stream from the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief or view previously recorded sessions at any time.

Annual Property Tax Process

This infographic provides information on important dates—like when local taxing units adopt their budgets and set tax rates—so you can participate in the process.

Appraisal Lookup
Find detailed appraisal and tax assessment information on your property.

Get answers to common questions about the property tax system.

More Information
Learn the basics about property taxes in Texas.

Media Library
Share helpful infographics and watch videos from public meetings.


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